Salvo Technologies Acquires Shepherd Scopes

Seminole, FLSalvo Technologies Inc., a technology-based holding company, has acquired Shepherd Enterprises Inc. in a private deal with undisclosed terms. Serving the competitive, recreational, and hunting firearms markets, Shepherd Enterprises, has been in existence since 1981. As such, it complements the Salvo Technologies portfolio, which encompasses multiple divisions with deep domain expertise in security, defense, and consumer technologies.

“Shepherd first came onto our radar when our design division, Salvo Defense, consulted with them on the development of their next generation Fire Control optics,” said Patrick Bass, Executive Vice President of Salvo Technologies. “It became very clear that the Shepherd’s patented and copywrited technology and expertise complemented not just where Salvo Technologies is but where we want to go as a vertically integrated diversified technology supplier.”

In addition to Shepherd Enterprises and Salvo Defense, Salvo Technologies holds multiple diverse divisions including Salvo Coatings, Next Phase Optics and Salvo Electro-Optics. All directly or indirectly serve the security, defense, and law enforcement markets. Shepherd Enterprises rounds out this group and serves specifically the commercial hunting market globally.

The addition of Shepherd creates important synergies highlighted by the overlap of these engineering and sales organizations. Shepherd, for example, has been a household name in the competitive and recreational firearms markets for decades, which will broaden the reach of Salvo’s product lines. As part of the Salvo Technologies organization, Shepherd sales specialists can now offer customers a much larger product portfolio that is quite complimentary in form fit function and quality. In addition the Shepherd team of firearms experts can provide experience-based input to the Salvo R&D teams to improve current and future products.

“Shepherd has been working with Salvo Technologies for quite a while now on multiple projects,” said Bess Shepherd, president Shepherd Enterprises. “We’re excited to start to roll out these products, and we are just getting started. Becoming a part of Salvo Technologies lets us tailor our products for our customer base of sportsmen, marksmen and law enforcement. Best of all we will now have industrial design team to help us work with our manufacturing partners to create a more aesthetically pleasing product line.” Shepherd Enterprises will operate as a fully owned division of Salvo Technologies and will retain its headquarters in Waterloo Nebraska.

About Shepherd Enterprises

Launched in 1981 by Dan Shepherd, Shepherd Enterprises distributes, customizes, and designs a range of lightweight fire control optics with their patented and copywrited two reticle approach to one shot zero and range finding. The success of the company is driven by this novel approach. For the past three plus decades Shepherd scopes has evolved into a trusted brand in the market. By partnering with its sister divisions Shepherd will now have access to a much more diverse product offering but still maintain this same hands on approach. By leveraging the new Salvo products which also utilize a two reticle system, the product possibilities are endless.

About Salvo Technologies Inc.

Salvo Technologies Inc. invests in and develops companies serving the defense, security, medical, industrial, and commercial markets. From its inception in 2007, it has grown into an organization with global reach and manufacturing capabilities on multiple continents. Its divisions provide a range of world-class products including personal protective equipment; thick-film coatings with high corrosion resistance; and high-reliability electronic and electro-optical components, fire-control optics, and imaging solutions with an emphasis on multispectral and polarimetric systems. Salvo Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Seminole, FL. For more information please visit

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